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Bo-Tikken Bed

We get to produce our very own Bo-Tikken bed in fantastic quality in Denmark. It is made of 100% natural material.

It is used in all our 21-5 probjects, and tested by many different people who all sleeps great.

It comes in every imaginable variety, as it can be ordered in different sizes and countless fabrics.  

Price example 

Bed legs, set of two, 800,-                                1,600,-

Two pieces of 90x200 cm mattresses              17.600,-

One piece of 180x200 cm top mattress           5,900,-

Bed Cover (standard fabric)                            5,170,-

Headboard 110x180                                        6,530,-

Washable roll mattress                                    900,-


In total DKK.                                                   37.700,-

In addition, we complete the look of the bed with headboard cushions as well as decorative cushions and a bedspread which can be purchased for the bed. Prices for this depend on the fabric chosen.  

Please contact us or come by the store to see the bed and look at the fabric options. 

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