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Micromilla Armchair 

Micromilla is an armchair from Italy. She is manufactured according to Italian tradition and to the highest standard. Micromilla, like so many of our other armchairs, can be adapted to your needs and wishes. You have the option of choosing the chair with or without handles at the back, and with or without wheels on the front legs. The cover is fully removable, and can therefore be easily washed or cleaned when necessary. The chair is available with dark or light legs. 


You can freely choose between hundreds of fabrics and textiles, and find exactly the color or pattern that suits you.


Micromilla has two big sisters. You can find it in the larger number under Mimilla, or larger and wider still under Big Mimilla.

Measurements: Height: 73 cm. Width: 66 cm. Depth: 76 cm.

Prices start from 15.200 DKK depending on the fabric. 

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