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Southern Spain bedroom (4).jpg
Tuscany bedroom.jpg
Southern Spain bedroom (5).jpg
Southern France bedroom (2).jpg
Southern Spain bedroom.jpg
Barcelona bedroom (1).jpg
Southern Spain bedroom (2).jpg
Barcelona bedroom (1).jpg
Southern France bedroom (2).jpg
Southern France bedroom (3).jpg
Tuscany bedroom (1).jpg

Inspiration for Bedroom Decor 

The bedroom is where we retreat and recharge. We spend on average of 1/3 of our lives sleeping and therefore the bedroom must create a setting that provides peace and a relaxed atmosphere.


The room must set the scene for a calming atmosfere and we are happy to help with this. We have developed our Bo-Tikken bed which is created for maximum comfort and is produced in Denmark. In addition, we complete the look of the bed with a headboard and bedcover, as well as headboard pillows and bedspread. Wall lamps, bedside tables, curtains, chests of drawers, lamps etc. all help to create the atmosphere in the room.

Based on your unique needs, style and surrounding decor, we will of course be happy to help create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere for your bedroom. Call, write or stop by Bo-Tikken if you are interested in knowing more.

Let yourself be inspired by the bedrooms shown below, which are a selection of some of the many bedrooms we have made.

Chamonix bedroom.jpg
Southern Spain bedroom (1).jpg
Chamonix bedroom (1).jpg
Barcelona bedroom.jpg
Southern France bedroom (1).jpg
Mallorca bedroom (1).jpg
Tuscany bedroom.jpg
Mallorca bedroom.jpg
Barcelona bedroom (2).jpg
Southern France bedroom (1).jpg
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